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Newborn baby painting

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A gift like a summer love: simple and passionate!

Not every gift should be given on a special occasion. You can make a nice gesture for your loved one without it being Valentine’s Day or Dragobete, without it being a birthday or a name day, or without it being your birthday. It simply has to do with love at first sight, as it probably did with you. And we have such an example!

A unique gift to be given without a special occasion is the one above. Of course, no one is stopping you from offering it at a special time, especially since it is a personalized painting, so you can complete it with absolutely any message you want. But at the same time, believe us soon and give your partner a gift without expecting one. The effect will be invaluable, we guarantee!


Print size: A4

Available frame colors: Black / White




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The perfect gift for newborns and new parents.

When a boy is born, it is the greatest joy, this moment must be memorized in a beautiful picture.

We offer you the opportunity to personalize this gift picture with the date of birth, the baby’s name, height, weight but also a picture. If you are invited to the baptism of a baby or go to the party for the first birthday, we can guarantee that you will get all the looks with this picture.


Print size: A4

Available frame colors: Black / White



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