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Boobies makes me smile decal

0,00 kr.39,00 kr.

It can be used like:

  • Home decoration sticker;
  • Car Stickers;
  • Boat Stickers;
  • camping stickers;
  • Wall decoration stickers;
  • Furniture Stickers;
  • Computer Stickers;
  • Door Stickers;
  • Fridge Stickers;
  • Window Stickers.
Sticker colours

Black, White, Red, Orange, Light Pink, Lilla, Violet, Azur blue, Green, Yellow-green

Sticker size

12.5 x 2 cm, 15 x 3 cm, 20 x 4 cm, 30 x 5 cm, Custom Size

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  • Cut out sticker to apply anywhere (car, motorcycle, bike, boat, quad, plane, wall, furniture, glass, pc, smartphone…)
  • Highly resistant professional vinyl that does not shrink (acidic, basic and salt solutions; water, gas, heat, cold, car wash)
  • Simple to apply (delivered on transfer paper if necessary)
  • Can be varnished !
  • External life : up to 10 years | Warranty : 7 years (if posed by an authorized installer)
  • Indoor Lifetime: Indefinite
  • Application temperature: Min. + 8 ° C
  • Temperature resistance: Between -40 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • Type of application: flat or slightly curved surface
  • Removes easily without leaving traces and without damaging the car!
  • Shipping time (except when the vinyl is out of stock): 1-2 working days
  • Handcrafted and made to order.


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